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Introduction of sections and offices
Civil Affairs Section (Application notice)
Responsible for self-governing administration, election, etiquette and custom, religion, land administration, sanitation, health insurance, environmental hygiene, compulsory education, social education, culture, civil defense, resident activity center, inspection and reporting of city appearance, neighborhood conference, arts and sports activities, affairs related to head of subdivision or community of the district, the class 1, 5 and 6 affairs of health insurance as well as other civil affairs. Pay attention to accommodation application and general legal consultation

Social Affairs Section (Application notice)
Responsible for social welfare, labor administration, cooperative business, social assistance, calamity relief, community development, guidance of civil organization, affairs related to agriculture, agricultural land and farming as well as other social affairs

Military Service Section (Application notice)
Responsible for military administration, assembly and training of national army, recruitment, manpower conscription, veteran affairs as well as other military affairs

Personnel Office
Responsible for organizational employees’ employment and discharge, promotion and transfer, duties, bonus-penalty, retirement, compensation as well as other personnel affairs

Accounting Office (Task notice)
Responsible for annual count, accounting, statistics, arranging annual budget, verifying expenses, supervising and executing financial affairs as well as other accounting affairs

Anti-corruption Office (Task notice)
Responsible for prevention of corruption, investigation of corruption, advocating Corruption Act, official secrets, safe maintenance of institutional facilities as well as other anti-corruption affairs

Secretary Office
Responsible for research and evaluation, official seal, document, file, general affairs, cashier, serving people as well as other affairs not related to other sections or offices

Official Business Online
In order to enhance the efficiency of serving people, the item of miscellaneous affairs in the district website includes special download areas containing application forms for residents to utilize to apply for multiple cases.

Head of Organization Direct Line Fax
Supervisor 236-2115 236-6115
Chief-Secretary 238-8104 238-5114
Social Affairs Section 237-0411 238-5114
Economic Development Section 236-8146 238-7381
Military Service Section 238-8924 236-6115
Personnel Office 238-7886 236-6115
Accounting Office 238-5057 238-5114
Anti-corruption Office 238-8108 236-6115
Secretary Office 236-8109 238-5114

Address:4F., No.34, Jhongjheng 3rd Rd., Sinsing District, Kaohsiung City 800, Taiwan
Tel:(886-7) 238-6113 Fax:(886-7) 236-6115
Office hours:8:30 a.m - 5:30 p.m. , Mon–Fri