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Night Market

    *  Liu Ho Night Market * 

    Liu Ho Night Market

    Sinsing Liu Ho Night Market has become a very famous sight in Kaohsiung city. You can find a variety of delicious food, specialties, cold drinks, ices, tasty snacks and seafood here. It is really a paradise for gourmets. Japan tourist guides take Liu Ho Night Market, ShanfengTemple, ChengcingLake as well as Spring and Autumn Pavilions as the top four famous tourist spots in Kaohsiung city. Therefore, it is well-known worldwide.



    *  NanhuaShopping Center * 

    NanhuaShopping Center

    It is a famous street for shopping in KaohsiungCity. Those who have been to Liu Ho Night Market must also have been here. As time goes on, more and more traditional shopping areas featured localization disappear. There are various shops selling all kinds of cheap and fine goods including women’s clothes, accessories, shoes, snacks and so on. Take a visit here and enjoy bargaining what you like.


    * Hsin Chueh Chian Shopping Area* 

    Hsin Chueh Chian Shopping Area

    Hsin Chueh Chian Yuchu Shopping Area is a favorite shopping spot among the younger generation in Kaohsiung city. It features style of Harajuku shopping area in Japan. Since the old President Department Store leaves unused after a conflagration in 1995, this shopping area has become declined. Due to efforts made by shopkeepers and the government recently, it helps to make the shopping area prosperous again. The Yuchu Street provides special and stylish goods to promote teenagers’ consumption. The Square of Harajuku, NOVA Computer Mall and shops selling Japan stylish quality goods make here Harajuku stylish. The Hsin Chueh Chian located on Wufu Road is especially the special area for selling imported goods. Shoppers here all dress fashionably to contend in beauty and fascination with items inside display windows. Amusement and shopping space with modernization and ease make here a new paradise for shoppers.